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A web application can be defined as a piece of software that can be accessed through the web. Its central database are on a server instead of being installed on the desktop and can be retrieved using a network. Having such an application will help the user to acquire information from anywhere they are located. They allow the user to interact with the application in a responsive way

web based applications are collection of pages that are usually organized using a hypertext structure by the use of links. Each of the pages has two different forms of information items which are one the contents delivered to the use and some properties which are used for presentation purposes or to provide additional information about the page. While these properties only make sense within the stipulated page context both of the pages are independent elements. The link is used to navigate through the related topics. A link is usually defined between two anchors that is the source and the target.

Client Based

Web based applications are mostly used in multi-user environment where different users should have different views of the same information and different manipulation abilities. These abilities depend on their needs. The users are a key part of the web based applications. They require private space to develop their work and at the same time ensuring they are not interrupted by other users.


There are three basic services that the web based application provides and this could be utilised by mobile workforce management which includes retrieval. This is the accessing of the application components or data which is mainly done through link selection. When the user selects a link he or she is taken to the page they requested and he or she can view the information or data in the requested page. The web based application also carry out editing which includes the creation of new components or modifying and deleting the existing components and the personalisation that allows private views to be defined.

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Web based applications provides full user functionality of a software application and broad and remote access through a web browser. They are implemented by HTML based forms, embedded scripts, and dynamically generated HTML pages for entry and display of data and servers for performing the application's processing. The applications on the web are able to process the information with the help of the web and this ensures speed as long as there is internet connectivity. The web is used as a standard interface in which to warp an independent application.


In the business world they facilitate E- commerce. They are easily compatible within a variety of platforms and operating systems. This means they are easily accessible to carry out the intended business transactions required. On the side of the end user it reduces the cost of transcating the business since they are involved in the maintenance of the system. The security of the information contained in the server is also maintained since the end user does not have to provide backup of the information. The web does this for him.